Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshops

California Grand Jurors’ Association
Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshop


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CGJA is offering its 2022 Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshops remotely, conducted in two half-day sessions using Zoom.  The fee is $50 per person.  The following workshop will be presented in January of 2022 for those counties impaneling at that time.


Workshop ID#1           Tuesday, January 18                  9:00 am - 4:00 pm (includes a one-hour lunch break)    (registration deadline January 10)



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Program Description:

This workshop covers the leadership responsibilities of the foreperson, pro tem, and other officers of the grand jury. Topics include: how to get started; useful techniques for organizing, coordinating, and facilitating the grand jury’s work; team building; California law as it applies to the foreperson’s duties and responsibilities; the administrative and leadership roles of the foreperson and pro tem; dealing with interpersonal issues among jurors; and conflict resolution techniques. Participants take part in group activities to enhance the learning experience through the sharing of ideas.