We invite you to consider becoming a candidate for CGJA director or recommending another CGJA member as a candidate.  It is nominations time and contrary to a popular misconception, it is perfectly okay to recommend yourself.

Every year, we elect 6 of our 12-member board: 2 from each region for 2-year terms.  The board establishes management-related policies, makes decisions on major association issues, and generally oversees the association’s activities – carried out mainly through board committees.  The term of office for this election is November 2023 to 2025.

Being a director is a very rewarding experience.  You have a direct say in how we carry out CGJA’s mission to promote, preserve, and support the grand jury system through training, education, and outreach.  And you work with a group of wonderful, committed people from all over the state.

When considering candidacy, it is important to understand the requirements. A director (1) must be a voting CGJA member on July 31, 2023 and throughout the term, and (2) must reside in the region represented.  It is desirable to have had some experience with CGJA or its chapters (e.g., committee membership, chapter officer).  To learn more, please check Director Responsibilities.

To find out more, read the current meeting agenda and minutes of past board meetings.  These are available on the About CGJA page of our website: cgja.org/board-information.  If interested in running, attend a board meeting held via Zoom or telephone on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Linkages to the meeting are at the top of the current meeting agenda.

To submit a nomination for yourself or other eligible CGJA member, send an email to nominations@cgja.org.


 Nominations close  May 31, 2023
 Candidate statement submitted  June 16, 2023
 Ballot submitted to Board  June 27, 2023
 Membership closes for eligibility to vote  July 31, 2023
 Voting begins  August 15, 2023
 Voting ends  September 15, 2023
 Ballots counted and reported to President and candidates  September 30, 2023
 Results announced at Annual Membership Meeting and in October Journal  October 22, 2023


The 2023 Candidate Statements can be found here:  North Region, Central Region, and South Region.

The CGJA Nominations-Elections Committee (NEC) oversees the nomination and election of directors. Its primary duty is to seek out the most competent CGJA members to serve as directors.

Committee members, who may be contacted for any questions regarding this election, are as follows:

Chair                               Gary Cooper                                      San Joaquin County
 North Region
 Director Jim Glover  Humboldt County
 Member  Ray Frisbee  Shasta County
 Central Region
 Director  Gary Cooper  San Joaquin County
 Member  Joann Landi  San Mateo County
 South Region
 Director  Larry Herbst  San Luis Obispo County
 Member  Teri Goldner  Kern County


Any questions about this election may be referred to nominations@cgja.org or by phone to Lou Panetta at 415-793-4577.