Benefits of CGJA Training

CGJA training gives grand jurors the opportunity to learn about theor duties and how to perform them from knowledgeable former grand jurors and grand jury legal advisors with experience going back over 20 years.

Through our comprehensive training program, grand jurors receive the information and best practices guidance they need to competently conduct their civil "watchdog" activities - investigating and reporting on local government entities within their county. They gain:

       An increased understanding of grand jury purposes and authorities
       A broad knowledge of public agencies at the county level
       A focus on objectivity and professionalism
       Guidance on how to decide what to investigate each year
       An understanding of the collaborative processes needed to conduct their investigations and write reports
       Knowledge of how to develop findings and recommendations
       Practical advice for drafting fact-based reports that can prompt improvements in the operations of local government
       Training in how to work effectively as a collegial body

Over 50 counties annually contract with CGJA to provide grand juror training. CGJA's training programs exceed the legal requirements for grand jury training cited in California Penal Code Section 914(b).


For more information about our training programs, go to Training General Information or contact Marsha Caranci, Training Committee Chair.