Yuba County supes to offer written responses to grand jury report

At today’s meeting, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors will offer their written responses to the 2018-2019 grand jury report for Animal Care Services, Life Building Center, Olivehurst Public Utilities District, Yuba-Sutter Transit and Jail Reports. 

With the release of each grand jury report, the Board of Supervisors works with the County Administrator’s Office to develop written responses to the various items reviewed by the jurors.

“Our grand jury over the years has maintained a solid reputation for thoroughly examining programs that are deeply important to our residents,” said Russ Brown, Yuba County’s communications and legislative affairs coordinator. “The role they play is deeply important to holding our actions accountable.”

Brown said, overall, the current report had good things to say about programs that fall under the county’s jurisdiction.

“There are certainly times when the county has not agreed with grand jury findings, and this year there are a couple of examples of this in the response to the Yuba-Sutter Transit portion,” Brown said.

August 26, 2019