[Santa Clara County] Letter to the editor: Giving Uber, Lyft vouchers cheaper than cost of VTA

Re: “County Civil Grand Jury hailed for calling out VTA” (Letter to the editor, June 27):

Letter-writer Jim Bob Davis made great points and provided good information on how out of control Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s inefficiency and wastefulness are.

I can’t imagine how taxpayers can stand spending almost $10 to subsidize the paid fare of each rider on each trip.

The sight of empty or near-empty buses or trains has become even more disturbing. To put this in perspective, it would likely be less expensive and more convenient for users to just give people vouchers for Uber or Lyft shared rides.

I know this likely will not be done for nothing other than political reasons, but it should provide a measuring stick VTA will need to use for comparison whenever it is spending more money to do anything.

July 2, 2019

The Mercury News

Letter from Carl Koo, San Jose