Chapter Formation by a Grand Jurors' Organization


Currently, CGJA has chapters operating in over 29 counties. Each chapter operates with its own Chapter Board of Directors as an interrelated but independent body of the California Grand Jurors' Association, which allows them to continue to support their local grand jury through a variety of activities. The presence of a chapter can promote the influence of a grand jury in that county.

CGJA's Board of Directors encourages all current and former grand jurors to organize county chapters (including groups of two or more counties) as further support for California Grand Juries at the local level.

A Grand Jurors' organization desiring to form a chapter should contact the Membership and Chapter Relations Committee of CGJA.

The CGJA Board of Directors will consider all requests from Grand Jurors' organizations to explore chapter formation with the understanding that minimum requirements established in the CGJA Bylaws and Policies & Procedures are met prior to the submission of a formal request for recognition by the prospective chapter.

On August 27, 1997, CGJA's Board of Directors adopted bylaws by vote of the Association's general membership. The bylaws provided for chapters to be formed and to adopt governing rules (Bylaws) that were consistent with the CGJA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

In subsequent filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the Association was granted permission to extend its tax exemption under federal law to formally approved chapters.

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