Santa Clara

[Santa Clara County] Grand Jury: Santa Clara does a bad job of handing over public records

The Grand Jury said the city is out of compliance with state public records law

SANTA CLARA — Getting public records from the city of Santa Clara is much more difficult than it needs to be, a civil grand jury has found.

In a report released Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Grand Jury criticized the city’s public records management as inadequate and disorganized, resulting in unnecessary delays.

“The Grand Jury found that obtaining public records from the City is a time-consuming and difficult chore,” the report states.

[Santa Clara County] Civil Grand Jury Slams Santa Clara for Flouting CPRA Law

Late last year, a pair of contracts Santa Clara struck with spin maestro Sam Singer prompted a team of citizen watchdogs to probe the city’s procurement practices. But after several frustrated attempts to obtain documents for the investigation, the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury changed course.

If it couldn’t get enough data to review Santa Clara’s contracting, it would test the city’s compliance with the California Public Records Act.

Well, the result’s out and it’s not pretty.

[Santa Clara County] How Santa Clara County will help seniors paying taxes they don’t need to

Blog note: this article references a grand jury report.

School districts in California don’t require homeowners who are eligible for a parcel tax exemption to renew it every year, which means seniors over the age of 65 and low-income or disabled homeowners don’t have to reapply to continue getting a tax break.