[Marin County] Marin Voice: Join the grand jury and make a difference

The civil grand jury is an institution that many people are either unaware of or misunderstand. It is easily confused with either regular jury service or grand juries that are impaneled for a specific criminal case.

All 58 counties in California impanel a civil grand jury each fiscal year to investigate or inquire into county matters of civil concern.

[Marin County] Readers’ Forum: There’s still no shelter for Marin’s homeless

Marin County and the Board of Supervisors have ignored two civil grand jury reports on solutions for the homeless: create a shelter.

The money is there, and yet, today, Marin’s only solution is easing a “ban on homeless encampments.”

Apparently, no one is concerned that our growing homeless community (which includes the working homeless, seniors, disabled, and families with children) has nowhere to go when it’s raining and cold.