Chapter Bylaws Template

In a request for new chapter status, all new chapters’ bylaws must comply with CGJA Policy 12.50B. The template provided is designed to help chapters develop their bylaws and contains all the mandatory provisions required by CGJA Policy 12.50B. Those provisions shown in boxes on the template must be included in all new chapter bylaws or when chapters revise their existing bylaws. They must be included either verbatim or with minor, non-substantive modifications. However, chapters may use their own bylaws format, as long as the mandatory language is included. CGJA recommends that Chapters with bylaws in place prior to March 2018 review their bylaws to confirm the mandatory provisions are included. 

CGJA Chapter Bylaws Template

You may open, print or save this template which is in Microsoft Word format to use as the basis as you create or update your chapter bylaws.